Our Research

The Miller Lab in the Center for Public Health Genomics at the University of Virginia focuses on integrating large-scale human genetics and genomics datasets with clinically relevant functional models. We employ an array of bioinformatics approaches and phenotypic screens using both genetic and drug perturbations to investigate causal mechanisms at candidate loci.

Our primary goals are to:

  • Understand fundamental vascular biology and disease regulatory mechanisms.
  • Identify new targets or risk factors for complex cardiovascular diseases.
  • Investigate role of candidate genes on vascular wall processes using preclinical and repositioned therapeutics.
Recent Projects

Congratulations to Jose Verdezoto on his funded AHA Predoctoral Fellowship award!

Miller lab bids farewell to Dr. Adam Turner

Postdoctoral fellow Dr. Adam Turner will start a new position at the Gladstone Institutes in the Bay Area working in the Corces Lab. We wish him well in his new role!

MSTP student Wei Ma publishes an enhanced scRNA-seq workflow and first release of PlaqView!

Paper: “Enhanced single-cell RNA-seq workflow reveals coronary artery disease cellular cross-talk and candidate drug targets”, Atherosclerosis

Undergraduate student Yixuan Chen joins the lab!

Undergraduate student Eva Du joins the lab!

Adam is awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from AHA!

Postdoc Chani Hodonsky officially joins the lab!

Penny presents her summer project in the SRIP symposium!

Computer Engineering PhD student Yipei Song joins the lab!

Rotation student Sofia Gasperino visits the lab!